HI, does anyone know the training way of CoRT?

November 25, 2009 12:28am CST
Hi, I did a thinking training of CoRT created by Edwdebono last night. Two teachers introduced five thinking tools for us in the workshop. The tools are PMI, A.G.O,C&S,CAF and Rules. How to use PMI way to solve a problem? the teacher told us we should use P first,then M, and I. I think it is difficult to use I, I means Interests,your creative thinking way. A.G.O,means aims,goals and objective. Rules means why and how to make a rule? what is the function? CAF means consider all factors, C&S means conclution and consequence. Are there any people join in the CoRT traning? I know there are 60 tools. Does anyone know the other tools? can you share and introduce it with me?
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