what do you think about vacation?

November 25, 2009 7:16am CST
now a days,vacation has become an essential part of people's daily life,for students,vacations have more important meanings,they can have ample time to adjust their own state of mind,have a journey with their family,help out household chores,and so on so forth^^since i'm a college student,i think vacations have dramatically positive for me.i always take a part-time job during the vacation,and have much valuable experience ,i think these personal experience is of great help to me when I apply for a job in the future^^my friend,do you have any idea about vacation^thanks for sharing your opinion lol~~
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@elokps (138)
• Indonesia
27 Nov 09
Vacation is a must for me. we will have relax time on vacation after work hard and much pressure. No need to take some expensive journey for vacation. Just relax at home, listening music,reading book,drinking coffee will get cheap vacation. If have extra money then I will go traveling that's why before vacation I try to save money as much as I can.
• United States
25 Nov 09
I think everyone needs to go on vacation once in awhile its not healthy for you to work all the time without taking sometime off. Vacation relaxes your mind and gives you more energy which is why everyone should have vacation at least once a year rather it be just staying at home or going out somewhere.
@marguicha (101989)
• Chile
25 Nov 09
Sailing to Kunayala - This picture was taken when we were going to Kunayala, a paradise in Panamá.
For me, vacations are (and have been) an essential part of my health (body and mind). It is so important that now, that I am retired and a widow (and money for vacations are absolutly not on my budget), I work online all year, save every penny and take a vacation to where I can go with my savings. I have had luck as I have managed to earn about $100 a month with a lot of work. That is enough for an air ticket to any wonderful place I want to go. My last adventure was aboard a sailboat at the Caribbean. Some friends of mine own this boat and invited me if I paid for the air ticket to Cartagena de Indias (where the boat was) and for my share of food aboard. I jumped to the idea! Now I´m rather proud of myself: a 64 year old witch sailing for the first time in her life Take care!
@monkeylong (3146)
• Guangzhou, China
25 Nov 09
As far as I'm concerned, I think I like vation so much. If I have a long vacation ,which I can enjoy myself most. I can do a lot in my vacation. I acn seep as I want , I can have a long time to have anther job which I enjoy most. I will have more free time to surf the net. It just can make me have a lot of fun.Happy mylot.