A Friend in need is always a Friend in need

@bhawanee (174)
November 25, 2009 9:13am CST
First of all i apologize to change the quotation from A friend in need is a friend in deed to A Friend in need is always a Friend in need. This is because i always help my friends financially but finally instead of returning my money they ask me for more financial help. I had been helping them for almost nearly three years. When i was in need of some money to reimburse my hospital bill my refused to help me and simply denied that they don't have any money. But i still love them as my good friends and forgive them for their act.
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@thuynhu (663)
• United States
25 Nov 09
i understand what you mean by your story. i know that i've had a similar type of story. and i know that my friends mean well and currently they just can't help. and i have friends that have helped me in my past and i feel terrible that i can't help them out when they need it now, because of my own state. but i know one day that i will return all of the help that my friends have helped me through my years.
@bulastika (5967)
• Philippines
26 Nov 09
I have lots of friends that borrowed money and just seem to forget how to pay..lolz Just don't expect that they can pay..The main reason they ask for financial help because they don't have money..So how do you expect them to pay you.. Second don't lend them money..unless its an emergency.. I have a friends who I lend money because he and she want to go to school. So I help him and her and hoping that when they find work they can pay me.. But when they find work. They don't know how to budget and they still don't have enough money to pay me.. worse Until now they are not finish schooling and even some are married already.. I stop helping them and now they still survive.. Don't give birds free food and they will find a way to feed them self.
@crazybubu (230)
• India
1 Dec 09
Hey I can well understand what you going through.But i think you should give a serious thought towards friendship and should try to figure out who your close ones are.You can continue showering your hard earned money on so called friends of yours who never care to help you when you are in problem.