When you shop do you use a trolley or a basket?

November 25, 2009 1:57pm CST
Everytime I go shopping, I have a habbit of taking a trolley even if I'm not buying anything. When I walk into a supermarket the first i take is a trolley. The other day I only wanted to buy a drink and I didn't even realise I took a trolley for that! I believe I had some kind of obssessiveness with the trolley! What about you? Do you use a basket or trolley when you shop?
3 responses
@giegrace (214)
• Philippines
27 Nov 09
It depends on the volume of things I'll buy, of course. If I buy a bulk, then I'll opt for the trolley. Sometimes, if I buy only a thing or two, I don't get a basket nor a trolley. I just carry it.
@neelimaravi (1794)
• India
26 Nov 09
hi shadowcatt, yeah, i use trolly, because,when i go to any shop my kid will come with me, so, i can't carry her and do some purchasing, so, i prefer trolly and keep her on that. she will enjoy shopping like me. thankyou, have a nice day.
@thuynhu (663)
• United States
25 Nov 09
majority of the time i will take a trolley unless i know for a fact that i only came in to get a few items. if i take a basket i have less space to put everything so then i won't try to pick up what i can't carry. they say if you take a trolley then your more likely to buy more than you had planned just like if you go without a list. i try to always remember to take a list. i also carry a calculator with me which isn't too odd cause its my cell phone. if i calculate everything i won't go over a certain number i had planned. lately i've been keeping my receipts and calculating what i need, cause majority of the time i'm getting the same items. this way i know approximately how much my bill will be when i go to the register.