Contemporary Geniuses

United States
November 25, 2009 11:17pm CST
Geniuses throughout history have connected with other smart thinkers and in many cases had a common bond. In other situations they were ostraasized as in the case of John Nash and Bobby Fischer. The highest recored IQ were Goethe and Swedenborg who both had IQ's well over 215. In some case genius were good assimilatitors in society. Barack Obama is a genius who has the ability to make many people comfortable but as in any case others take that ease as something scary. Some have given him tyerms like the Anti christ and others. All genius have the problem of relating to the common amn. Emerson and Thoreau built a bond that assisted them in crewating some of the greatest literature of nature made. Van Gogh had trouble relating to anyone.
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@bodhisatya (2384)
• India
26 Nov 09
So what do you wanna ask, or what really you are trying to say, my friend?
• United States
26 Nov 09
I had started a discussion previously and lost all my info when my kids messed me up , no matter. My question is do Geniuses think alike? Do they intuitively have a common bond or do they see other smart people as potential enemies or adversaries? Working together genius can create an environment conducive to learning and research. Emerson and Thoreau thrived in this setting. Galieo, Cornipius and Bruno crossed paths and often crossed ideas. There temperments and strategies were different. After being told to give up astronomy or face prosecution, Bruno held fast and refused only to be burned at the stake. Galieo genius could not be denied. He repeatedly faced doubters and adversaries jealous of his growing stature. The lives of Geniuses is an interesting discussion, one I will try to explore more in the future.
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12 Jun 10
im with you on the point that geniuses have a problem relating to the common man. i thin this is because their thought process is at a completely different level as compared to the common man. its like talking at two completely different frequencies.
@olivebx (16)
• China
11 Dec 09
I only want to say something about this film.I have no words to describe it but just "great!". Good films always tell us something.While I was watching"a beauyiful mind",I was just wondering what is true?Is Nash ill or the other people ill? There is a question we everyone can not escape from no matter you've realized or not:like Zhuangzi asked"Is the butterfly living in my dream,or I am living in the butterfly's dream?".
• United States
27 Nov 09
I like the way this discussion is going. Please expound more on comtemporary geniuses. In this century maybe. Someone other than Barack because I think too much is being focused on the leader of the free world instead of the society. Good start though but I read of so many. The young asian pianist for example.