can any facebook App cause to spread virus or malware

November 26, 2009 3:47pm CST
there are lots of facebook applications today which are not hosted directly on facebook, sometime few applications may harm our pcs, is there any solution to protect ourself from that
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@Craicha (801)
26 Nov 09
as i noticed if facebook been open my pc will become slow....then i was thinking facebook is heavy bcoz of there kinda apps
@munyosz (110)
26 Nov 09
Hi. I use/play with facebook apps for half a year now and nothing is wrong with my computer. Altough They COULd spread viruses and malware if it's embedded in them. FaceBook usually checks and verifies the producer(company) of the game and checks the game itself. FaceBook does everything to keep its users safe i can assure you. The apps can however take you to 3rd party sites or unknown sites to facxebook on which there could be harmful codes to your computer. Be careful whatever comes up: never give out payment details and personal details Good luck and happy facebooking :D