Two jobs

November 26, 2009 6:58pm CST
I mage you have to choose between two jobs. one is a high salary , but you aren't interestedin it. The other is interesting!but the salary is low. which will you choose?
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@anuramn (240)
• India
3 Dec 09
Hi, Good morning. If I were in your position, I would choose the second one. Even if you get high pay, if the job is not interesting, you will not feel like working. I think there are always options to grow up if you can prove your skills. Take up the second one, prove and earn more will be my way.
@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
27 Nov 09
I love working with people, and I really enjoyed working in nursing homes, homes for people with special needs and kindergardens. I didn't earn a lot of money, but I found the jobs interesting and challenging, and that was more important to me than having a high-paying job. I have also had jobs that I wasn't really interested in, for instanse while I was saving up for our wedding party or while I was saving up for travelling, and I don't mind having that kind of job for while, but in most cases I would choose a job that I was interested in.
@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
27 Nov 09
hi langman, It really depends on what kind of situation I am in. If I am really needing to have a job that pays high, I may choose the first one. But, for all we know, people who tends to choose a job that doesn't meet their needs, including "interest" and "happiness" to the job - in the end, are bound to shift to another work that really fulfill their needs regardless of the income or salary they will get. Though I have chose high paying job I must also be aware of the consequence that I will receive. But in general, I will truly choose a job that I really like and had great interest in doing. Because, for sure I will be able to last in that company and my skills will be enhanced and I will not get "bored" and "stressed" out easily. But, it will be a great thing to have it both. I mean, working for a job that really satisfy you and your needs, career wise and financially. Happy Lotting!