Feeling alone..without being alone in a relationship

@77klove (109)
United States
November 26, 2009 8:42pm CST
you love the other person and would do anything for them...but you feel as though they wont return the feeling..like if you were to die or leave tomorrow they would not care..have you ever felt this way? like your partner doesnt care about your feelings at all?..when your upset they just ask what are you crying about?...ever feel this way?..everyone wants to be loved...but i ask..what happens when you love someone and you dont feel if they care about you?...comments?
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@honeyyan (23)
• China
27 Nov 09
I firlmly belive without doubt that other person will care about you if youself pay out your heart of the gold to them . A friend in need is a friend in deed .Since they can ask what you are crying about ,they may want to give us a hand to help us get free from deep loneness.
• Philippines
27 Nov 09
hey klove. i havent had many experiences so but i think it is best that both of you care for each other.. coz without love, trust and care i think your relationship would be pointless at all.. but if he really loves you but cant really express their love for you then maybe its alright.. some people find it hard to express their love through actions.. its kinda like the shy type person.. but if you really feel that way, i suggest both of you have a heart to heart since you are partners after all.. so i think both of you need to talk it out.. and still if you feel that your partner doesnt express interest for you or your feelings then i think it is clear enough that you need to leave him..
• Hong Kong
27 Nov 09
Hi 77klove, When I love someone and I don't feel if that someone care about me, I am sure, it hurts. To love is the most complicated and challenging task in anybody's life, I believe. It is hardly happened in a relationship that both side contribute the same amount of love and both side care each other in right and proper ways. This really upsets people in certain extend. However, it is the truth and it can't be changed. The only thing we can do is to adjust our way of thinking, i.e. to change the angle of looking at things. Nobody can change others, but ourselves. That is what I feel. Moreover, no one can give us happiness, except ourselves. So, we must love ourselves and to live happily. Best wishes, agonyaunt69 (11:05am 27 Nov 2009 Hong Kong time)