The stranger within ourself, how well do you know it?

@Fulltank (2896)
November 26, 2009 10:56pm CST
Thoughts that contradicts our emotions. When someone ask you "Is it really you talking?" or "I don't know you anymore?". It does mean that sometimes the stranger hidden deep within ourselves manifest which other people see and feel. How well did you know that stranger? Will it remain a stranger until a stimuli causes it to react in a way even you didn't know existed within you. And what are these strangers? strength, love, weakness, or rage. Too many questions to ask, too many things we want to know about that strangers.
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@kashers (649)
• Jamaica
28 Nov 09
wow this question is not for kids' i'm sure,now the topic of within is what caught my eye,so u want to know about the person within,let me first say that i am an eckist an initiate of the second circle of soul travel teachings from the eckankar religion the light and sound of god,(spiritual teachings)the inner understanding of whom is within,now u can see my profile on more of these discussions i have started to understand even deeper on the person within,the person within is no stranger it is the person that u now are carrying on the outside the physical self,seeing your age u r still pretty young in that body u have now it is the stranger the person within is the real you that as always been you,u have just now come to the point where u want to know more about the real you,the real u on the inside is called soul,it is the master,it is the light,it is the teacher,it is the guide,it is the source of your energy to move,without it the physical body and the spirits that live within cannot move,and without god it is nothing.let me from now like i have said many times now that spirit and soul are not the same,the power that soul posses and universes that soul can travel to spirits cannot go,soul can travel to the highest and the lowest,spirits only stay in the lowest,spirit is a body just like the physical body that soul uses when it is in the lower worlds gathering information for the journey back home to the creator,when the time as come for it to leave here,and this is what u consider as the stranger soul,it is the real u filled with ton loads of information from the many lives it as lived so far from it as been here,so the voice u hear is the voice of soul,now there is a spirit that is right next to soul and this spirit is called the mind,yes the mind is a spirit by it self and just because it is so close to soul,it feeds from souls'power source so it tends to feel a little power within it self and would like to take charge and tell soul what to do at times,and this is why whenever a decision comes to u to make up ur thoughts on u get second thoughts this is mind interfering in souls'decision,and this is why when u set out to do what u where going to do and it doesn't workout,u say i should have followed my mind,but that is wrong u did follow your mind,u should have followed the very first command u got which was coming from soul,mind is not the real self soul is mind is just feeling souls'power and doesn't know how to control the power it is feeling so it wants to direct,and this is why the system in which we live is so chaotic mind is interfering,but how can anyone know this,not many do so the confusion goes on and on,the voices u hear is the voice of soul and mind,one gives a steady direct command which is soul the other start having second thoughts which is mind,to know more on this it would have to take u to want to know i can only show u a door,may the blessings be
• Philippines
27 Nov 09
hey fulltank.. ive also seen that side of mine before.. but i dont know it.. lol i dont know why.. sometimes i feel so emotional that i get so sensitive.. coz of that some of my female friends told me that i was comfortable to be with and that i was a good listener.. coz when they have probs or they are bothered by something they come to me and talk to me.. and for some reason i also listen and sometimes give them good advice accdg to them.. hahaha.. lol.. i dont even know i had it in me.. coz everyone knows me as this quiet party person i guess sometimes it just happens when there is a need for it.. lol