The power of sincere apology.....

The power of sincere apology in a relationship.... - Good relationship........apology....
November 26, 2009 11:20pm CST
We apologize when we unintentionally say something hurtful, when we make a mistake at work....etc. In few situations saying Im SORRY remains one of the hardest thing to do. we justify our actions, we present half-apologies, we blame the one we have hurt, or we expect something in return. yet a true apology can clear the air and potentially heal a relationship........The mistakes made by others should not be kept in mind they should be rubbed of as written on sand........good deeds must be remembered through out our life.....what do u say dear friends......
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@ameng328 (66)
• China
27 Nov 09
Sincere apology is quite necessary when there's a conflict,misunderstanding or mistake.The problem is how to apologize at right time,right place and to right person in a right way.Some people just have no awareness of how his/her bad-mannered deeds or negative words have greatly hurt someone. So keep a sensitive heart and always think more about others is quite important,thus even you make a mistake you will realize it instantly and apologize to the "victim" in time.
• United States
27 Nov 09
Yes, some people do not realize and some people also feel that they are "entitled" to an apology when they are not. The sensitive heart is important, but one also must be aware. Sometimes the senstive heart can get used in an insensitive manner by those who are not aware. "Treat others as you would like to be treated" is the best "rule" to follow. If you would like an apology when someone hurts you, be sure to apologize when you hurt another.
@bluray (408)
• Singapore
27 Nov 09
I think apology has great powers and if it is sincere it greatly helps. It is a best way to admit your faults and apologies for anything wrong you have done. there is no harm in feeling and saying sorry. we don grow big or small by just admitting our faults. one needs big heart to say sorry. it is a great virtue.
@MJ_Dakota (126)
• United States
27 Nov 09
I say, "Score!" I agree with all that you have stated and hope many more will too or will at least think about ways that an apology can enhance life rather than harboring or ignoring hurt feelings.