Have you read the book chicken soup for the soul?

Guangzhou, China
November 27, 2009 3:15am CST
hi, Have you read the book chicken soup for the soul which once was the most popular book I have ever read? What have you goe from the book? Are you doing it just like what the book said? Is there more books do you want to introduce to me? I think I want to learn more books just like the chicken soup for the soul. Thank you for your opinions.
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@xiexie (42)
• China
28 Nov 09
Yes,I read it! The book's more than 300 stories, each of which contains a profound truth,let me learn to love to others,with confidence to meet life's challenges.when I face setbacks and frustrations,it would be my encouragemengt and consolation,in my face when successful,it will allow me to the future with hope.it will always be my life'smentor. I did not fully follow that path,but I also strive to achieve this goal.You can look at "Who Moved My Cheese",perhaps this book help you!
• Guangzhou, China
29 Nov 09
I am so happy you can enjoy the book so much. So am I. I like it very much which help me so much,.
• China
20 Dec 09
I like it too,it can give me some useful tips when I need
@Porcospino (17799)
• Denmark
28 Oct 11
One month ago when I turned 35 I got "A 3rd helping of chicken soup for the soul" as a present and I am reading it at the moment. I have many of the other Chicken soup books as well and I love reading the stories. Some of the stories encourage me and make me happy and some of them make me cry, because they are sad and touching. I plan on rereading my other books of "Chicken soup for the soul" because I want to read my favourite stories again. I don't know if there are any other books like "Chicken soup for the soul", I have never heard about similar books, but if they exist I am also interested in hearing about them
@Vlyzza (4)
• Philippines
12 May 10
It's actually the title chicken soup for the soul only. I love the stories in it especially the messages. The notre dame was actually touching and I found myself reflecting along the way. The other stories were also great, which I learned that we need hugs a day for survival. How many hugs? It's 24 hugs a day.....