How will I make a person my friend?

@skalijnp (147)
November 27, 2009 11:06am CST
Firstly, I have to get information about that friend with whom I want to make friendship. What does she/he like, what is her/his favourite colour like all this things we have to know. after that we should meet her/him by offering tea or coffee. Then we should share our sorrow and joyful moments with him or her. Slowly slowly she/he will get interest in you words, will want to know many more from you. When you seem that the person is getting interest in your words it is sure that the person is ready to be your friend.
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• Philippines
27 Nov 09
Wow! I didn't know that there are steps for making friends... I'm not really choosy. I talk to whom I want to and I make friends even if I've only met them for a minute :)
• India
27 Nov 09
I will make a person my friend right away.After that only i will ask about favourites ,good habits,bad habits.If a person has more bad habits i will try to advice my friend from not doing the bad things.This is my kind of friendship.I am happy with this kind because i have many friends by following this way....