Crossing a high bridge in a dream what does this dream means?

November 27, 2009 8:28pm CST
Around 3:00p.m. in the afternoon I fall asleep and dreamed of something weird. And this is my dream, I was in our school and this school is my school when I was in my secondary years. In my dream the time is 3:00p.m. in the afternoon. I'm about to go home then suddenly, a girl came approaching if I could go home with her. I answered "yes". Then on our way home, she asked me if we could cross the high bridge that we saw though we know that there is a safe way to go home. I challenge myself to cross that bridge too with that girl though I don't know her. Then that bridge is as high as a building, as thin as a tube or pipes, and its not finished yet. I mean this bridge is half finished so if you're going to cross it, you can't. Under that bridge is a place that is really big covered with green grass. Its really a beautiful place but I noticed that there is also an old house under the bridge. Then before crossing the bridge, I asked the girl how we could pass through it then she showed me. We just have to jump. Its really challenging. On our first try, we're able to pass then the girl said if we could try one more. I agreed then on our second try, I wasn't able to cross and the girl left me. I don't know what to do? Then suddenly from out of nowhere my two kitties appeared and made me feel frightened more because its my responsibility to save ourselves. We we're stocked there with my cats for almost ten hours and I'm so worried because I know that my parents are looking for me. The rescue came 11:45p.m. to rescue us but suddenly one of my cats jumped down and die. I shouted and found out that I was only dreaming. What a weird dream.
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@madteaparty (2763)
• Japan
28 Nov 09
I'll try to put my grain of sand here. Usually dreaming of bridges means that we're facing a conflictive situation, and the only way out is simbolized by that bridge. If we don't try to cross it, the situation will go to worse for us. Is important to check both sides of the bridge. In your case it becomes really difficult to cross the bridge, so it might mean that the way to overcome your worries is a little difficult. Hope it helps!
@vandana7 (63838)
• India
28 Nov 09
Wow, madteaparty, that is so nice. I see very tall building like some egyptian temple, and I dont know how to come down. Then I see buildings that dont have proper steps for me to climb or come down but everybody is getting down without any hassles, only I seem to be one who is unable to communicate that passage. Can you explain those things as well?
@ameng328 (66)
• China
28 Nov 09
I almost had such weird dreams every night for several weeks and my friend told me that i was just too tired or thinking too much.We don't have to make fuss with dreams as we know it's just a dream,not real.Before going to bed you may listen to some light music,which may improve the quality of your sleep.
@kashers (649)
• Jamaica
28 Nov 09
i hi their u need to visit my page where u can see a discussion on dream that i started,dreams are not what we led to believe they r far more deeper they all have something to do with the spiritual more than physical,but in understanding this u can in turn fix the physical aspects of your life your living high building represents the high standard of living u will face to come or now living and it is going to be your duty to make a decision when the time comes about crossing those limits,
• India
28 Nov 09
my dreams were so funny like saving earth , flying high like a super hero its mainly because i play a lot of video games like that and my aim is to get a job in gaming industry and i always think about that and work hard ,may be it could have affected my mind to have a dream like that and may be some incident of your life could have made your mind to produce a dream like that,you are the one to know.
28 Nov 09
Weird dream. If you are a dream believer, then you probably have someone, an expert, do the interpretation of what you're dreaming. You know, your dream is interesting. Probably, if I was in your place, I would also be curious. Dreams may symbolize your hidden desires or it may also pertain to your life in the present. Like if something is buging you during the day that doesn't get off from your mind, it comes into your dreams at night. Anyways, good luck! I hope you will be able to find the meaning of that dream.
@PeacefulWmn9 (10424)
• United States
28 Nov 09
Hi Bianca. I don't know for sure what the particular things in your dream actually represent, but it sounds like in your waking life you may be facing a struggle that frightens you, or perhaps trying to get somewhere you want to go but feeling "stuck." Dreams can be very amazing, and also...frightening. But they usually somehow reflect our waking life, our wishes, our fears and struggles. Perhaps it is the minds way of trying to work things out or figure them out.