What characteristics made you like her?

November 28, 2009 2:08am CST
We all know that Britney Spears is one of the most influential person in the world. She's very popular to kids, teenage boys and girls and also to adults. But if you like her, what made you like her?
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@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
13 Dec 09
hello nim! as you know, i am not a britney fan but i like her...and hat i like about her is her songs and i find her as a great performer on stage, always energetic and always have something new to offer...its never boring watching her on concerts...and of course she has a pretty face and sexy body specially before...
• Philippines
16 Dec 09
Her songs facinates people when they hear it. Her performances are such remarkable especially her MTV VMAs the 2000 performance. She sang the I CAN'T GET NO SATISFACTION and OOPS I DID IT AGAIN. and what i heard is, no one has ever done that performance ever since she popped out of the industry and of course, her 2001 performance featuring live animals while singing I'M A SLAVE 4 U. No one really is gonna get bored in watching her concerts. You can watch it repeatedly and you will never loose apettite... She really has a pretty face and in fact, during 1997, she was crowned MOST BEAUTIFUL in her school.
@MimiRemo (420)
• Philippines
9 Dec 09
Her songs are really catchy, and she has great stage presence and energy level.
• Philippines
16 Dec 09
Yes. That is really true.That's why when she will held a concert, people would really watch it a thousand times because she really does her best.
@arystine (1275)
• Philippines
3 Dec 09
I like her amazing energy during concerts, the dance choreography and the effects. I also love her songs, especially those in the 90s.
• Philippines
4 Dec 09
Yes you are really right. She is very energetic in concerts which makes the people come back for more. Just like THE CIRCUS STARRING BRITNEY SPEARS, it became the highest grossing tour of the year and that really proves that people love her. The concert started from March 3,2009 in New Orleans until November 29, 2009 in Adelaide, Australia.She visited 57 cities and performed in 97 shows with special guests.
@jhudy101 (373)
• Philippines
29 Jun 10
i am not so much of a fan but i like her songs. they are so catchy. i love her face for she is really cute and her eyes is so adorable. i like her energy coz i have watch some of her concerts and yeah is is really good. and i dont mind the rumors about her. its her that i like and rumors belong to her private life