Paid site for writing poetry

November 28, 2009 6:00am CST
is there any paid forum or website, that pays for writing poetry of your choice. If you have any referral link or can directly tell about any site, please share it. It will be great if you have some personal experience and credibility proof too.
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@chubit (122)
22 Dec 09
I don't think I could enter my poems for money.. You'd more or less be selling them so others could claim them as yours? Rather put together a collection and sell them as books. Try it, I'm sure you'll profit. (:
• India
23 Dec 09
humm, seems a good idea.I have written many and I usually write twice a day.. but simply blogging them on my blog would have given me satisfaction. I just heard some people get paid for writing poetry on given topics. That was what I was searching for. Publishing my own poetry is always a good, but expensive option
• United States
29 Nov 09
No. I do not know of a site like this. I am sorry. There is a really good site that doesn't pay and it is called I used to post there a lot. Not only does the description of the site sound ideal, but I would like to find one like this! Lol. I would like to write some poetry for it. All kinds would be great because then I could write what I wanted to. I tend to write weird poetry. Also I haven't had any desire to edit. Really. I have just been writing for fun. But editing is its own art in its own right. It is a whole different thing for me. It is taking a piece and totally revamping it. I usually do this. And it looks different. But it is messy to redo. It looks like a mess and that I have no idea what I'm doing. But I do. It's hard to keep track of because it is messy and usually writing usually small. Also there are so many alternatives and ways you could go. I usually don't edit much. But writing poetry of your choice on a paying site is a real dream. I want to work on my editing skills though. But I guess I come here and get paid for imperfection, right? This is normal in jobs I think. Imperfection is normal. And I usually aim for perfection which is way too hard.