How do I help my siter

@enola1692 (3325)
United States
November 28, 2009 6:57am CST
My sister has been abuse all her life fisrt by our dad then her hubby an when she left her hubby when her kids were big enough she was abused by a new boyfriend anyway she finnaly hit gold his name was Gene he treated her like a queen they both glowed when they looked at each other well after living with her prince for 3 years she married him in oct well life is cruel he died three days after they were married well thanksgiving was gene's fave hoiliday an my sister being alone this year was driving to her house an decided she wanted to be with gene so she drove her car into another trying to kill herself noew she is in the hospital an today they are moveing her to the phyic ward because of her depressoin an thinks when she gets out of there she will go straight to jail she thinks she just dosen't deserve to be happy cause when the light is turn on at the end of the tunnel someone comes to shut it off how do i help her my heart is breaking cause I want to be there for her but she is in N.H. an I in S.C. an to all mylotters that have sisters you know what i mean when I said you want to everything to help your sister cause she is a big part of our lives
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