what is eating dis order

@danoluma (817)
November 28, 2009 10:29am CST
I read something in a magazine.... Some people have eating disorders. Do you have such a problem?
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@DCLehnsherr (1042)
29 Nov 09
Hi Danoluma, I think eating disorders are becoming pretty common at the moment because of the idea of beauty held by today's society. The magazines and celebrities give young people (and older ones) a warped idea of reality and perfection and in trying to achieve that young people quite often get into trouble with regards to food and exercise. peer pressure is also a factor with bullies often targeting weight and causing the bullied to go to radical steps to try and lose what they should have in order to be normal and left alone. On a personal level I ended up with such a thing after watching a TV show called You Are What You Eat which encouraged exercise to burn off calories, a practise I took to extremes. I never thought I had a disorder until it started getting in the way of my daily life at which point I was so badly gone mentally that I got outside help and have since recovered. A lot of people though don't notice and even when they are given help they won't take it which is why the disorders are so dangerous. They are ultimately killers if not treated properly but with all the stuff from society it isn't always easy to treat someone with them. But yea, if you want to know more just do an internet search, there is lots of stuff there from people both for and against them...sadly . All the best, Dranz
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
28 Nov 09
Many teenage girls like to be really thin and some dieting is normal at that age. They see models in magazines and wish to look as attractive. Some girls and ladies get anorexia which means they eat very little or hardly anything at all in a desperate attempt to lose weight. They feel that they look fat however thin they get. One lady that has anorexia said that it hurt her to sit down because she is so bone like. Very few men suffer from anorexia but it does happen sometimes. Bulimia is a person eating them throwing up to rid rid of the food. That happens to girls and ladies and few men are affected with it. Binge eating and strange eating patterns can be other eating disorders. A male friend of mine dated a lady that ate only fruit and she wasn't awfully healthy. She was scared by seeing any other kind of food. I have a friend that suffers from an eating disorder. She wishes that she could be normal with food.