Are you using pimple squeezer?

November 28, 2009 12:06pm CST
Pimple squeezer - Safe tool for squeezing pimples
Do you pick your pimples? Did you know that picking your pimple can cause scarring and worst infections? Have you heard about pimple squeezer? A pimple squeezer is the most effective way to pick your pimples, it does not wound your face nor leave a scar afterwards. A pimple squeezer is about 3 to 4 inches in length with a very small round shape on one end. The round hole will serve as the escaping pass of the thing that gets out of your pimple when the tool is applied. If you were to squeeze your pimple be sure not to do it with your bare hands for it might cause some infection and worst scarring. This picking tool or pimple squeezer is available in the market or over the counter. I like it so much because it is safer, affordable yet very effective. I learned about this product through my mom, when I was a little younger. I cannot stop myself from squeeze my pimple, especially when it is ripe… My mom came home one night with a pimple squeezer and from then on, whenever a pimple pops up and it is now ready to be squeezed, pimple squeezer will do the job… Using this pimple squeezer is very simple. Just gently press the pimple, whiteheads or blackheads using this tool to loosen it further. Apply a slow pressure until the trapped particles within the pore begins to ooze out. I definitely recommend this tool for I know sometimes squeezing pimple is really hard to stop…