Do you invest in online money making programs?

November 28, 2009 11:03pm CST
I don't visit mylot much now a days. But when i started online money making mylot was one of them. And almost the whole day i used to stay At that time i was very obsessed with making money free. And was hesistant to invest anywhere of my hard earned But later on i came to realize that i won't earn enough if i don't utilize money. Then started to invest with many programs out there. It's been almost one year i have started investing online. And tried different types of programs out there. Still trying a few of them. And also they are looking promising. How about you? Do you invest in to online money making programs? If so then which type? (HYIP, Autosurf, cyeler, MLM, Forex, PTC)
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• India
30 Nov 09
well those investments are all the waste of time and my question is why to invest money to use our abilities and efforts to earn. those sites have to pay us the real money for joining.
• Bangladesh
30 Nov 09
Grow up and you will understand.
@satan88 (586)
• United States Minor Outlying Islands
30 Nov 09
i've come to the conclusion that it's just not worth it. I need to focus on myself right now and what i need to do to get what I want with the few years i have on earth you know?
• Bangladesh
30 Nov 09
Well i was on earth before like you but now become an alien.
@samafayla33 (1857)
• United States
29 Nov 09
no it's a waste of time to invest in money making sites, if you put your time and effort into a website that pays it should be enough. If you write a nicely written paragragh for a question, you should get paid for that,
• Bangladesh
29 Nov 09
Everything changes over time. At first i was hesistant to invest but now i do invest in sites. Tried some other sites that only pays but did not earn much so left them.
@monouu (2608)
• Singapore
2 Dec 09
I didn't touch investment programs for a couple of years but recently I invested in one as I found its plan and profit return are realistic while it is paying since 2008. A very professional site I must say with telephone, email & 24hr live support. However as ALL investment always come with risk, do not risk what you can't afford to lose.