Making more and more!

November 29, 2009 12:47am CST
I want to make more money by myselef, but things always happens to me badly, How can I deal with it?
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@CatGods (4596)
• United States
29 Nov 09
In order to help you, it would be helpful to know what you mean by "but things always happens to me badly". It would also be helpful to know what your skills, hobbies and interests are to see if there is a way to turn them into a way to make money. I have been making money online for the last 9 years. I get up every day and treat it like a real job. If there is some thing that I don't know, but I need to learn it so that I can complete a project I wan to do, I use the internet to look it up and get an education. Believe me I have so many projects to complete that I will never die.
@Baluyadav (3644)
• India
29 Nov 09
hi,Lian,you don't know,for every body,it happens like that initially,but those who ace that hurdles well will land as rich fellow.. There are peole who start business with low investment and became millionaires..or with their intelligence as capital also became richest persons in the society.. So get inspired by them and start earning..