Internet can be means to start your own business

November 29, 2009 2:05am CST
Recently I thought of starting something of my own. When I started thinking about the different types of work which I can start I came across the fact that these days every business has some/more dependency on Internet. Your rbusiness has to get online to reach broader sectors of people. I categorised the internet business in 2 sections - 1.The business (example retails) which requires physical infrastructure. You have to have links with vendors from where you will pick up the ordered items. The transportation, stores to dump the items etc. Also you need ot hire people to handle all these. After this you need a good website which will reach out to different segment of people. Once the customers start using your service provided then it is your physical setup which comes in picture. so though the orders will come online still the delivery and other transactions will be physical. 2. Now there is different type of internet business where you don't need to have all the above mentioned infrastructure. Also this will not make you go in field to earn that money. In this type of business you can earn sitting at home. One of them is to start a company which will advertise for others on internet. Setup a site and provide servie of bringing valid traffic to the customers site. All startup ventures need traffic to their sites so that people get awareness of their existence. you get paid for helping them have this traffic. In turn the people who view their sites get paid. this may be slow revenue generating medium but it is tension free business. I may not be fully correct in abov mentioned ideas so open for discussions. I am looking forward if some has tried the second type of setup an dif he/she can share the experience.
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@megasale (27)
• Maldives
29 Nov 09
I am a business student currently studying Bachelor in Business Administration. I have tried many ways of internet business. So i will share with you. There are two types of business 1. Physical - as you have said in 1 2. Virtual - With no physical infrastructure. All is done through internet. It does not mean only marketing business. You can do any type of business virtually. All you need is a e-commerce website. Buy products online from wholesaler or drop shipper, list your products on the website, market them and get cash, that's all. You can also operate a marketing business for high commission items like web hosting websites which gives $75 per sale. I am also a web hosting reseller, I can give you a very cheap hosting package as cheap as 1.99 per month. I can give you a trial if you mail me. My email is Just mail me if you need any help.