Do You Consider Yourself As A Genius?? Why or Why Not?

Bill Gates - He is one of the most smartest man on Earth with great wealth. Also, he created Microsoft which developed our electronics making our life easier for everyone to live. Since he is such a genius,he was able to maintaine all his wealth after retirement and still is in the top 10 most wealthiest people alive.
United States
November 29, 2009 7:19am CST
I do not concider myself as a genius. If you say your a genius, its probably not true. I think saying yourself as a genius is like showing off. I say that to my friends as a joke to have a little laugh. Many of my fellow classmates think I am smart but I know there are smarter people out there than me. If I am smart, what do you call those geniuses out there like Bill Gates?? What do you think about geniuses? Do you concider yourself as a genius? Why or Why not?
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@angelsmummy (1700)
29 Nov 09
I do not consider myself a genius. I consider myself good at what I do and slightly intelligent but never a genius! It takes alot of brain power to be called a genius and that I do not have. I wish I was smarter and I wish I could be called a genius but theres some people that are and some people that arent!