What's the important of tagging in mylot?

November 30, 2009 3:24am CST
Hi, After finishing typing our discussions, the new screen opens and it asks for tag the discussion. I doesn't know the importance of it. How we need to tag our discussion or our response.
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@xfahctor (14131)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
30 Nov 09
Tagging a discussion is more or less to make it easier for you to keep track of your discussions. I isn't required, we don't earn from it and you won't be punished or admonished for not doing it. I try to add at least a few tags to mine if I post in politics, as there are people who will use tagging to abuse mylot. I have seen people put insulting and inflamitory tags in other people's discusions just to stir up trouble. So when I post there, I try to fill up the tag part so no one else can abuse it.
@vipulchawla (2220)
• India
30 Nov 09
If you could have observed there is a section called similar discussions in the right column whenever you open a discussion. Tagging your discussion plays an important role here. Your discussion gets linked with other discussions with the keywords you give in that tag box. Moreover, it is really helpful when anyone is search for discussions based ona certain keyword. The more the probablility of your discussion being surfaced on mylot homepages or discussion pages is, the more resposnes you would get and the more you would earn. Like, if your discussion gets listed in those similar discussion sections, more chances are that people might respond to it.
@kiran8 (15398)
• Mangalore, India
30 Nov 09
It is immportant to tag ones discussions just to make it easier for anyone to read it online, When you put tags or relevant words from your discussion, it is easier to search .The whole purpose of this discussion is to provide matter for anyone who is looking for information online..Once we post online it is open for anyone to view it. All the best and happy mylotting
• United States
30 Nov 09
Tagging your disscussions helps Mylot keep everything organized, when you tag you disscussion be sure to enter key words involving your disscussion so if someone does a search or something it will come up thus helping you even more:)