Happiest and funniest moment of your life

November 30, 2009 8:48am CST
All mylot members are invited to share their own life experience which you would grade best funniest part of your life. Here is my experience, My grandma once asked one of her friend to give a miss call to wake her up so that they can go together to a nearby church in the early morning. On that day I was in the office and had to inform my grandma that I would be late to come home due to an office meeting. Now what happened was I gave her a call, but my call was cut down by my grandma. I was wondering why did she cut my call. After sometime I again called her and this time she picked my call and answered. When I asked why did she cut my previous call, her answer was that she was expecting a miss call from her friend and when the phone rang, she just cut it off to make it a miss call. hahaha ha ha
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