i am afraid of heights and deep water. what are your phobias?

United States
November 30, 2009 6:23pm CST
im not scared of anything else except for these two. i dont know why but i think i should not be scared.
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@bluray (408)
• Singapore
3 Dec 09
I am scared of heights and deep water too. when I am at great height just cant see downwards. it causes shivers in me, I have a thought that i am falling from such a height. even deep thick water frightened me. I wonder how deadly is the deep water.
• United States
4 Dec 09
i experience the same feeling when i get in situations like that.
@tatutino (107)
• Brazil
1 Dec 09
i'm afraid of heights too, i'm afraid of venous insects, aracnids, fishes and many kinds of animals, not those that we can find at home, but its normal i think... when i was a kid, i was afraid of the dark (hahahaha), i'm afraid to live me life and in the end, believe that i wasn't important, those kind of things
• United States
1 Dec 09
oh yeah i recall myself being scared of dark places when i was a kid lol. but not anymore.
@firdut (39)
• Indonesia
2 Dec 09
Actually, I'm not a coward person. but after I've got a motorcycle accident and suffer from it. I became a coward person. I was afraid if I have to ride vehicle with high speed. I think I was traumatized by the speed of vehicles. I wish I do not have a prolonged trauma.
@gfike01 (26)
• United States
1 Dec 09
I'm afraid of some enclosed spaces. I found this out one day when I went caving with my geology class. Got half way into the cave and started having a panic attack. The professor escorted me out while the rest of the class went on with another person. I found myself an open area by a river and stayed there till it was time to leave. I've somewhat overcame the fear. I've went through crawl spaces and all while working but I still get that uneasy feeling.