can you rip jeans with your hands?

United States
November 30, 2009 8:20pm CST
is that even possible to do?
3 responses
@Jackie8 (127)
• China
1 Dec 09
I thinks it is very hard to do that on a new Jeans, but for very old jeans, it can be. I had saw somebody ripped their Jeans to cut it shorter, But I never do that.
@merlinsorca (1123)
• United States
1 Dec 09
That depends on what kind of jeans, or on what kind of person you are. I, being an artificial life form can easily create a tear in the denim material. Being serious, I would say that with your bare hands it wouldn't be easy, maybe it could be possible if you are very strong or if the jeans are weak, or both. If you put your mind to it and use all your strength it is possible that you might rip it, but highly unlikely. I'm sure that not many people would even get close. . .
@carla_roa (128)
• Philippines
1 Dec 09
I haven't tried ripping my jeans but I think it depends what kind of jeans you are gonna reap. I think there's a technique in doing that too, I think there is a pattern that you should look and see the spot where you could rip that jeans apart.