killings of innocent people in maguindanao is because of GREEDINESS of Power

November 30, 2009 9:59pm CST
A few weeks ago, the Philippines was shocked due to the tremendous massacre in maguindanao province. Innocent men and women were brutally killed, raped and buried including some of the vehicles. I was born in one of the municipality in maguindanao and it is true that there is no peace in the place. A few developments were given to the people in the province. And its a shocking news on November 23, when a political convoy was held in a checkpoint and afterward brought to an area where they were shot to death. Personally upon hearing the news, i felt anger to those who did the killings and my heart is crying to those who were shot to death helplessly. This killing is due to greediness of political power and misuse of authority. Now, is it possible for the Philippine Government to revive Death Sentence or Lethal Injection as a way of minimizing killings in the country?
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