It's final: Bayani Fernando will run for Vice President

December 1, 2009 12:50am CST
Although the former MMDA chief Bayani Fernando has consistently announcing before that he will not run unless for president, it is now final that he will be the running mate of Sen Gordon in 2010. According to their press conference this afternoon, Bayani Fernando will run for Vice President and their tandem will not have any senatorial candidate. According to them, they are willing to work with anyone. With Bayani's sudden change of plan, do you think he will win? Will he now has bigger chances of winning rather than running for President? Meanwhile, here is the link to the news post -
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• Philippines
1 Dec 09
hello there again father blog, and take note they did this over last night with a shock to almost every one. well, what choice does he have, i doubt he has a chance if he's going for being independent since he can't have a chance on the crowd since most of them hate him for destroying their carts and throwing it away. he's very strict on the streets that makes him an enemy of some mirco business people, who has no permit of course and not in the market to sell things and foods. but I'd rather vote only for Gordon if i were given choice between the two, i think bayani should learn to compromise and simply make procedures on how to take care of those people on their carts being taken away since those small carts are their way of livelihood.