Is everything always just supposed to be about money?

December 1, 2009 5:50am CST
Hi I'm at a loss here, not sure how to feel or do. I've been unemployed since May, I resigned in order to start an entrepreneur venture, which I'm still trying to make a success of, but income is fairly limited. My wife wants me to get a job, I don't mind to, but lately I've been quite unsuccessful. Also, my venture is profitable, though the income I can get from it at the moment is limited, but it is improving. Ok, that's the background. The situation is my wife complains about it every single day, for the majority of the day, nagging all the time about money. It's really getting to a point where I can't handle it anymore, I mean, I know we have a bad situation at the moment, but is it really necessary to remind me of it every day? I have several people who owe me money, some a little, some owe me several thousand dollars, she asks me every single day when are the gonna pay me. It's not like they're not reliable people or anything, I offer them services in return for money and they always pay within a few days or weeks. Some bigger amounts take longer to get in, but it's not like anybody runs away or anything (well, I had somebody run away with $40, but not really anything big). Like now, my wife needs $1,000 to take care of something, beside that I need $800 to cover my things, and I don't have it at the moment, so that's a lot of pressure already, but it's not something I can't deal with. But if somebody nags about it every day, then it does become unbearable. It's not like I don't understand the situation, and she's unemployed as well (I've offered her to help me and obviously with help I can make more, but she refuses), I'm at least trying to do something about it, I'm at least making money, regardless how much it is. She doesn't appreciate it, problem is she doesn't appreciate anything I'm doing. If she has $0 and give her $100, she'll complain that she wants $500. Isn't $100 better than $0? Am I thinking the wrong way? Any tips? I'm clueless.
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@dong88 (796)
• China
2 Dec 09
Hello!Starting their own business than work for others is good ,although starting their own business is hard work, and sometimes paid.but has not been reciprocated in kind. Therefore, family members starting their own businese to gain the understanding and support.For example your wife,her communication,to make her understand you,support you. I think she understood you, she do not care about money more or less. I wish you success!