Do you patiently hear them and give some satisfaction or bluntly quit the place?

@shona264 (167)
December 1, 2009 6:36am CST
With the years of real life experience,aged persons have lot to tell us from which we could benefit if we would listen patiently.The real life experience is far more better than the knowledge from internet,books,etc.Many aged persons narrate incidents which can help to avoid situations putting us in loss or danger.Hence,when we get time we should listen them patiently.This helps us as well as they like if we listen with attention.I have old persons in my family.I sit with them when I am free and patiently listen to them.They feel very happy. What about you? Do you patiently hear them and give some satisfaction or bluntly quit the place?
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• Philippines
3 Dec 09
I do like to hear stories from older people as I it is a time for me that i could really know them fully and reach for them. Their story telling is something which i like to listen most of the times as it teach valuable lesson and they only teach mostly about the school of life. Every words which comes out in their mouth speak a lot of wisdom which everyone could learn from it as they know something which the younger generation have not know or not yet experience yet. Thus, the exchanging point of view of information is a learning process which everyone could benefit on the information being assessed.
• India
2 Dec 09
It depends on many things. If I am going somewhere or leaving for office then of course I have to bluntly cut it short and depart. Then there are the aged who are almost cynical, they have nothing encouraging or new to tell you and point out only the negative sides to anything you might ask their advise on…I know they are wiser on most things but discouraging and warning are two different things…I cut such people short in any discussions. However, there are yet others who are really wise…they know how we the younger generation feel, they know who to package their advise so that we’ll understand and listen and most important, they understand or try to understand our point of view, too! They are not arrogant or cynical and are real treasures to have in the family.
• United States
1 Dec 09
Oh, aged people. I guess I listen to them a little. But also, I don't really like to. I'd rather do other things. I think that they are interesting. And have a lot to say. And are knowledgeable. But this doesn't mean I should Have to listen. It would be my choice. Is it morally right to listen? Maybe. But if you don't agree with them, or if they are a thug or molester older person, then you may not even want to listen. Older people go crazy, but I think that they still know stuff. They know a lot about life, a lot that others wouldn't like to talk about. But perhaps those that care, do talk to them. Or those that understand. Maybe they even like their time alone, as it is a time of peace, and making peace with life before they pass on.
@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
1 Dec 09
hi shona264, I am glad that you shared your experience with us.. You are right, it is good to patiently hear them especially the older person.. I had experienced it, and it is an unexplainable feeling when an old person had given you all their opinions and freedom to express what they really feel.. The feeling is warm and appreciation..Elderly persons have went through much about life experiences..and they have many shared experiences to tell, but the feeling you got in them when they confided you their inner feelings? make you feel confident, mature, and realize many things about life to come.. most of their advices? may be a big help also to us.. At their age? they feel secured when other people treat them well and especially if you give them the feeling of belonging, security and respect.. WE help them boost positively about life, giving them inner peace of mind..because they are contented.. besides, all of us will pass their stage too and we will soon encounter the same feelings although the approach in life is different but still all of us will be elderly too and we have to face it.. that is life.. the most important is? We have made touch each other lives too and served as an inspiration to them.. and that feeling will be endless..