mylotter's own free lotto ($ 1-10) - let's get some flaver for our daily life

December 1, 2009 6:38am CST
Hi mylotters, just as the title of this topic,I am providing free lotto to every myloters here,don't try to imagine that I am about to spam people,and I am also not a rich guy to distribute money here,I just got my own way to unite people to earn from internet advertiser and need some movement of your fingures on your PC. As thanksgiving feedback,I found this free lotto(1 dolar minimum ,1 dollars maximum),I gave money to everybody before to appreciate their kind help,but it took me lots of time sending cents to everyone,now I got this free lotto campain),please add me as your friend and ask me for detail of how to get free tickets to bingo,I would share all information here but you know we need follow the rules or TOS of this community so please PM me for details. By the way,is there any English popular lotto sites which update result (the numbers) daily so that I can use it here to show that this is fair game but not trich or cheater.Thank you. Hopefully more people can read this thread,more people to join,more fun.
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