The most wildest "imagination"? ;-)

@shona264 (167)
December 1, 2009 6:43am CST
The wildest imagination according to me is:The world coming to an end in 2012.Give up everything and sit in a corner of house ready to die. What is the wildest imagination you ever had?
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@k1tten (2320)
• United States
6 Dec 09
Oh now, that's a question that made me giggle. My girlfriend says I have the wildest imagination of anyone she knows. So far my record for my wild imagination includes vampire zombies being killed with garden tools, my girlfriend and I being part of a special agency dealing with magic, and another being where I was part of a science scheme of testing and genetic manipulation where I escaped and they chased after me. I have a very wild imagination.
• India
4 Dec 09
"Wildest Imagination" I often thought about one.I dont have guts to write it.. OH GOD! Forgive me! whenever i thought that my mom is going to be die,i feel helpless/hopeless that imagination is more wild and painful for me then any other in the world. I dont scared to die only i dont have guts to see her in that condtion, i wish to die before her. If disater is really ready to come in 2012, then i pray to God please save MY MOM til 2012 and we both die with each other. No One need to feel any pain of lost. God Bless to all Mothers in whole world Every one talk with me "I LOVE YOu MOM" "I love YOu so Much"
@chriszh22 (433)
• China
2 Dec 09
Aliens come to earth and find human beings like some sort of virus killing the earth. They decide to wipe out those abnormal orangs to cure the earth. Elephant, tiger and lion will be the king again.