is mylot is best place for getting your persnol answer??

December 1, 2009 11:25am CST
[b]do you think that the mylot is the best place for getting your all the answer like all of your personal answer.. well i dont know that it is the right place or not for getting the personal answer.. cause sometime i feel that i want to share something with my friends bu than suddenly come in mind that they all of tham gonna make the fun of it.. but from the inner me too felt that i should share these my feeling with my mylot friends but too i feel scared that here too i gonna feell same feeling as my friends do with me sometimes.. . have ever you shared your personal thing over here.. well i dont think many of you would even think about it that lets share something with my friends of mylot..well its not bad to think like this.. . . what you think .??
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@Iram786 (498)
1 Dec 09
i don't think it's the best place for personal answers although maybe if you have some really good friends on it then it would be ok. i usually post all of my personal questions on Yahoo! Answers because the people on that are really good at answering questions.
@mawong79 (215)
• Malaysia
3 Dec 09
Yes, Im agreed with you that here is not the best place to get personal answers. I think only your close friend or family member would be good answers. Happy Always & Have a Great Day.
@unique16 (1531)
• United States
1 Dec 09
Hello Rowdyrace, It is perosnal choice and how close you feel to mylot people vs your friends everyday vs somewhere else on the internet. I like here because you can be aas honest as you want... you may not like the answers but it gives you food for thought and gives you perspective on the problem you are having. Your friends know you better on the one on one deal and see you and gesters than we can here. All depending on the answwr if it more negative it should make you think twice say for 20 answers to the question you get 15 negative or somewhere along that line than I would think twice about doing that particluar thing but if you 15 yes then you would feel you are on the right track. Also look at the age group you talking too if they are 30 something or older they do have wisdom and been there compared to younger people (no offense younger people) elders do have something going for them I hope this helps Sincerely unique16