Obama is calling for 30,000 more troops

December 2, 2009 4:51am CST
This is some bull crap, Our troops need to come home and "We The People" need to vote against this. We need to take care of our country right now, its not getting any better and as long as we are at war it will never get better.. we are waisting billions of dollars on a country that doesnt want to be helped. It is not our right to be there in the first place. The longer we are there the longer our economy will fail..... Capitalism is bullshitttttttt.......
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@dpod41 (19)
• United States
5 Dec 09
That's a very dangerous statement there. It's important to note they true capitalism has not been practiced in this country for about a hundred years now. A capitalistic country can not coexist with a central bank (something straight from the communist manifesto). What we've had is Keynesianism, crony capitalism, and corporatism. Many people know the old saying, "Money is the root of all evils." Today it is equal to say, "Fiat money is the root of most evils." Without a central bank that pumps out an infinite amount of money out of thin air at the expense of the middle and lower class, it would be impossible to maintain a welfare state and keep up all the war mongering and policing of the world at the same time for this long. Capitalism is not to blame. The absence of it is.