My cat Humphrey

December 2, 2009 5:32am CST
Since having my daughter over two years ago now, our cat has been totally catish, by this I mean, every time he walks into the house he meows, every time he walks into a room he meows and then when he gets up from his cusion or cat bed or sleep he meows. He wants to sit on me or my partner all the time if we happen to be sitting down and this doesn't matter if it's on a dining room chair, the floor or the sofa. We have tried giving him attention when he wants it by playing and petting him but sometimes his noise is so constant that we have to ignore it. We also give him treats now and then but because he is a bengal sometimes his stomache can't take too much soft meat and can be sensitive. Recently he has taken to throwing up so giving him treats are a bit of a problem too. I know that having a new arrival is the cause but it's been two years now and his behaviour is still not settling. Has anyone else had this problem and can offer some advice?
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@chulce (1540)
• United States
2 Dec 09
Hi virtualbod, Sounds like your cats behavior has developed into a permanent one. He probably still feels that he should receive more attention than your daughter. Depending on the age of your cat, just like humans, they do go through changes. We have one cat that is 8 years old and has become very grouchy with everyone. If you attempt to pet her or talk to her, she gets very aggressive and wants to fight everyone and everything. This also includes the other animals. The throwing up part, sounds like a digestive problem. The cat may have become allergic to something in his food. Or it could be a hairball condition that has developed. There are some medicines on the market that you can pick up at the pet store that will help with the hairballs. Give it a try first and see if it helps. If it does, then you have solved one problems. If not, suggestion would be to take the poor guy into the vet and have him checked over. Be sure to give the vet the name brand of the food you feed your cat, etc. Good Luck!
3 Dec 09
Thanks for that chulce! Yeah, I had a feeling that his behaviour might not change any time soon but wandered if there was anything that we were missing out on. There has been alot happening in our house lately. I will look into the hairball thing. Virtualbod.