are you still in contact with your school teachers.

December 2, 2009 6:10am CST
Hi, I am still in contact with two school teachers. As a person these two teachers were really great. Whenever i visited my native i use to meet them. now they are old. their guidance is still help me. Such teachers now a days are rare.
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• India
2 Dec 09
My Bad luck .... no one
• China
2 Dec 09
hello,I come here for the first time. I think it is very interest for discussion. Now,I keep the contaction to my techers rarely. As someone says,I repect them very much. I am happy to meet them again. Some teachers give me a huge influence in my earlier lift even to the whole life. Thanks to them and I love them.
• Australia
2 Dec 09
hi friend, really i dont have any contact with my school teachers now,but i always have a special respect for them,even when i am visiting them if occasionally, they used to remember me and they used to wish and ask about my welfare ,i feel more happy at those moments,because as a teacher they used to come across 1000++ students,but only they can remember some right,in that way i feel happy