I am venting again - I despise liars and control freaks!

United States
December 2, 2009 11:14am CST
This is just a continuation of another discussion I posted...."I am venting". Something else happened recently that has my blood pressure boiling at this point. I started a Christmas Project 30 years ago in my Parish Church, and developed a Committe that ran it pretty professionally. It was a very involved project, and after 18 yrs, I finally got burned out. I let the Pastor of our church know that I was resigning from it, and that I would find someone to take it over before the next Christmas came along. According to my dear friend, who is a paid employee of the church, her and another priest at the Church, approached the Pastor about the outcome of this project, and what he was going to do about it. Why she approached him I don't know, since she was well aware that I was finding someone else to take it over. She claimed that the pastor directed them to get involved. Whether or not that meant take it over, or to help find someone who would, I have no idea. I was angry then, because it meant that the pastor didn't have enough faith in me to do it. But okay! My friend then complained about it, saying that the other priest got her involved to work with him on it, and she wanted no part of it...but being an employee, she felt she had no choice. Then why did she approach the Pastor with him in the first place? (CRAP!) It's not like she couldn't say "no" then. Then I had to meet with the both of them to give them the information that I had saved over the years. During the meeting the other priest started to complain about being involved, and I responded with "well, why did you? I was going to find someone to take it over, so there was no need for you to." And his response came back with "I didn't want to get involved, I wanted nothing to do with it. It wasn't my idea!" I wanted to litterally throw up!! I caught my friend in a lie, and it was so disturbing. I knew that she lied all the time, but I had never been able to catch her in it in front of other people. My response at the time was "Well, that's not what I was told", and I walked out. I have no idea what was said after I left, but I don't care. So every year, she continually complains about this project, and how much she hates it, and wants to get someone else to do it. I have made slight comments by saying "Well, I would've found someone else, but you got yourself involved." I knew it was because she wanted to have control of everything in the Parish, and this was just another project to be in control of. Yesterday, she complained again...and she said "I never wanted this in the first place"...and knowing that it was going to start a war if I said what I really wanted to say, I just responded with "I'm not going there". Instead, that blew up, and she litterally screamed saying that it was the priest's fault, and not her idea. LIE! So for the next few days, I know she will not be talking to me, and I won't be calling her...I don't need her crap...the only thing that makes this difficult is the fact that I love being involved in my parish, and she is every where. And the most difficult thing about this, is that I see this person has a complete liar, someone who stretches the truth to fit her needs, who likes to display her knowledge on everything, who gets herself involved in other areas where she doesn't belong, someone very critical....YET, nobody else sees this, because in front of other people she is a sweetheart. I want to barf everytime she puts on her nice voice, and comes on so professional to the Pastor. The bottom line is I hate controllers, and I hate liars, people who stretch the truth, who do what they do in order to gain control. It makes me very angry that I cannot trust someone. Do you know someone like this, and how to solve my issues with her?
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