Do You Recieve More Calls Or Do U Call Ur Old Friends More?

December 2, 2009 12:55pm CST
hi friends, the topic is how do you stay in touch with ur old pals? Do you call them often or will you wait forthem to make a call? I have put this question forward because most of people expect a call from them rather taking initiative from our side..!! Which is best according to you?
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• United States
5 Dec 09
For myself, I tend to call my old friends more often then they call me. I think it's because I am afraid of losing contact with good friends over a period of time because it's happened to me so many times before where I stopped being friends with someone because we stopped talking for so long. So I end up calling up people that I use to talk to and ask them how everything is going and basically catch up with them. However, I would like it if they were the ones to "break the ice" and call me up first to catch up because to me, it shows that they care about staying friends with me, whereas sometimes when I'm the one to call them first and try to catch up, I feel like I'm just annoying them and they don't really want to talk to me because they don't care so much about staying friends. I use to always wait around hoping that they would call instead of taking the initiative, but I've come to realize that it's a waste of time to just wait around. It's better to just go ahead and do it. Some people are actually brave enough to go ahead and call without worrying about the others' opinion because they truly care enough about the other person that they would risk being laughed at (in a sense) than to lose their friendship, and I personally think that is quite commendable. Even though I use to wait around, now I'm starting to be the one to take initiative most often because I get tired of waiting, and waiting just wastes time when you could've just called and caught up and got started right away again from either where you left off or even from the beginning with that person.
@anuramn (240)
• India
3 Dec 09
I call up my friends and relatives who lives nearby once a month or whenever time permits. Those who live abroad, I mail them. I don't expect them to call. If both of us expects the other person to call and stop calling, you will definitely lose your friendship. I believe in this.