Bi-Polar Disorder

United States
December 2, 2009 1:38pm CST
Last year, a relative was diagnosed as bi-polar after being classified as having 'stage 2 depression' for more than 10 years. Around that time, they checked themselves into a facility after several strange incidents occurred but checked out (against the drs. recommendation) after less than a week of rehab. Since then, this person has demonstrated combative behavior that has been kind of embarrassing. They have no children to care for or a spouse to deal with so there are no barriers to seeking activities that may distract from the disease. People I talk to outside of family say that as long as this person stays on their meds everything will be fine. Bull. Relative had to check themselves back in rehab last week. They knew this was coming yet they failed to prepare themselves for the stay as far as hygiene items and clothing were concerned. Their only grown child said that she was taking initiative by making sure that they were following drs. orders as well as noting meds being taken (they counted seven so far). This person has been to rehab several times in the past 15 yrs and they come out doing the same things over and over such as hanging out with people who are not right for them and drinking. Since our family unit is very small, it has been exhausting to witness since this person's parents are elderly and the daughter is approaching middle age. What I want to know is how many meds are normal for a person with this disease and about treatment options that do not involve taking medication.
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