horese riding

August 29, 2006 8:29pm CST
nothing is alter native of flying. flying is an amazing thing.it is something uncomprehensive and unfeelable. but one who experiences this better know that flying has no match in the world of ventures.but hang on please, because one thing which can provide you indeed a sense of flying is "HORSE RIDING" U CANN'T FEEL IT NOW BUT U CAN IMAGINE THAT what'D BE UR EXPRESSIONS ,what 'D U FEEL WHEN THREE OF LEGS OF DA HORSE 'LL BE IN THE AIR AND ONE IS ON GROUND AND SOME TIMES ALL IN THE AIR AND U R ON THE BACK OF THIS SUPERSONIC SPEEDY CREATURE. I LOVE IT BECAUSE I DO EXPERIENCE OF THIS.I really tell u its amazing .Just try it once u would be crazy of this soon
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