December 2, 2009 9:14pm CST
single women who are pregnant, being refused by her man the right of marriage, would ABORTION be an option? or even a solution? for a couple who don't want to add another child in the family, would ABORTION would be an option? or even an solution? for women being raped and gets pregnant, would abortion would be an option? or even a solution? as we all know that abortion by nature is a sin against God and humanity but still many are doing it. they say, it is better to kill adult than killing a child inside the womb. because an adult knows how to fight and can defend oneself than killing a defenseless child inside the womb of a mother. there are woman who cannot bear a child, begging God to give them one but there are also women who without much thoughy killed babies inside the womb. would really be abortion a solution or an option for unwanted pregnancy, increasing number of children in the family, or being the result of a rape? what do you think?
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• United States
3 Dec 09
I think that in cases of rape, abortion is a solution. As for being a single parent, if the child can be cared for, and the mother wants to see the fetus to term, be a single parent. If a happy and healthy adoption can take place, and all parties want it, that is an option. If a woman has a strong enough bond with the cells growing inside her, that she chooses to see the fetus to term, that is entirely her choice. Women are more than just incubators, they can make decisions for themselves.