What is your ultimate dream job and describe it?

December 2, 2009 10:13pm CST
More than anything else, I would like to become a university professor because I just love teaching. I love meeting new people, new students. I also love to share the knowledge that I have and learn from the students as well. Aside from that, I get to have a day job, Monday to Friday, with breaks on Saturdays and Sundays. Most of all, you still get to see your family, friends and loved ones over the weekends. Family and friends are very important to me. I am currently taking my my Master's Degree in Nursing, major in Academic Management here in Saint Paul University here in Manila. I have submitted a resume' to the university as well because they will hire you while you are currently taking your Master's Degree. Hopefully, after I pass my Masters with flying colors, I will push to take my Doctorate Degree. Wish me luck!
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@mokkka (883)
• Bulgaria
22 Apr 10
MY dreamt job is a reporter.I want to meet new people and find out different new things.I am curious and usually want to know everything so I am sure this may help me while taking interviews.
• Philippines
3 May 10
Being a reporter is a cool job, mokka! My sister is a Journalism graduate of the Manila Times. She has worked in The Manila Times company as well, and gets to be assigned in places like Cebu. She gets to travel a lot, meet a lot of people, and gets to be invited in press releases and events. She says that the tech events are great because reporters covering the events can win gadgets given by the sponsors. Man, I wish to be in her shoes sometimes.
3 Dec 09
Basically, I belong to the medical field. And so my dream job is to work in a hospital specifically in the pedia department and work in a very hitech hospital. With all the nw technlogies and gadgets. After that, I will be reassigned to the crime lab and be a csi. That's totally awesome. Basically, my dream job is to be a CSI.
• Philippines
3 May 10
Oh wow! Being a CSI is cool. I even love the TV series. But I believe that it is a tough job to be in CSI though. I am currently reading this book on Forensics...very exciting!