Mini lotto for mylotters only- FREE!

December 3, 2009 12:44am CST
I am not advertising but it's real FREE mini lotto,Everybody can get 3 free ticket from me to buy your number,the result (numbers) will keep the same with the open national lotto(you suggest a famous lotto,but I will give the chinese 3-number lotto as referrence if no people to recommend any numbers),please add me as friend and ask how to get the three tickets,I will tell you how.I am not sharing here because the tickets should be got by registration under a link,so PM me if you are intereted.Will send 1 dollar every 50 tickets asked from me,if more people to join,let's 500 tickets asked from me daily,I am happy to give 10 dollars for the winner whose numbers are the same with or most close to result of the selected lotto.
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