real mom or stepmom?

December 3, 2009 3:35am CST
im bunnygurl 24 female from philippines. i saty with my stepmom and woth my real dad. i have 2 stepbrothers and 1 stepsister. my realmom is based in davao city also in philippines. the last time i saw my realmom 6 years ago. i havent heard any news until now from my realmom. i kpet on asking my dad for information about my realmom but my dad just ignore me. sometimes my stepmom is ok with me. most of the time not. i hate some of the attitude of my realmom but i cant do anything. eventhough my dad. i really really miss my realmom. anyway back to the topic mylotters will i stay here with my stepmom or i will find a way to find out where my realmom is? thanxs.
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