Jumbo Size Jet-Setter

December 3, 2009 12:04pm CST
No discrimination to overweight members here. Of late, there has been much talk about overweight air travelers where they are being advised to buy 2 seats when they travel. As they cannot really fit into one normal seat in the cabin, and as such they can be regarded as a safety concern here. Now, I am considering their feelings here. I hope that they would not feel that the airlines are discriminating them and yet, I wonder if they should be charged literally the fare of 1 seat for the 2nd seat when they travel or the 2nd seat should be subsidized. IMO, I feel that the second seat should be 25% of the full seat, so as to be fair and affordable. What are your thoughts? If you are the traveler in perspective, would you feel any discrimination when the airlines makes this mandatory? Would you feel bad when other passengers see you occupy 2 seats in the presence of others? So, fire away. Ref: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1232899/Jumbo-jet-setter-The-airline-passenger-obese-hes-safety-hazard.html
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@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
7 Dec 09
It think that the adult fare for average sized people should be 80% of the fare. The very overweight people that take up two seats could pay 150% of the fare. Children aged three to twelve could pay 50% of the fare. Under three year olds could travel free. Then that would be fair for every traveler. Airlines should have fares that are reasonable. Even more so the amount of airport tax should become very much lower. When I look on an Internet travel site I am shocked at the figures for airport tax and a fuel surcharge. Some budget airlines have a strange list of charges for different baggage. For example: Airfare from London to Auckland: Average adult £1000 Extra large adult £1500 Child £500 Infant free Baggage up to 30kg per person free
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• Singapore
7 Dec 09
maximax8, I am agreeable with your air ticket fare structure and I feel that this is only being fair. Besides, it is a safety concern that passengers really need to be well seated and belted up during the flight. With regards to these low cost carriers, I am just not surprised with their list of charges here. Frankly, do you think these airline can actually make money with their fare pricing structure alone? In my opinion, I just do not think so especially when there is so much competition out there and the full cost airlines are all in the red. Have a nice day and compliments of the season.