Keeping pets a hobby

December 3, 2009 2:11pm CST
Dear All, As far pet is concerned I love having pets. Currently, I am having two pets. One is a labrador breed dog and another is a pigeon. Don't believe they are not less than cartoon's. The most cunning is my little pigeon. She always try to tease my dog. This naughty fellow also love playing with her. The best place for my pigeon is my dog's head and back. All the time she will be sitting on his head. This guy also carefully handling the little one. In the photo gallery will find some interesting mood of these two. While eating they will have their meal in a single bowl, but after that the play hour starts and you can imagine the rest. Really, till date I had kept many pets together, but the love between this two is amazing. So, have ever seen such love between two enemy species, bird and dog? If, yes please share that we can enjoy this discussion.
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• Philippines
4 Dec 09
I see having pets as a hobby AND a is actually one of the reasons why a pet may end up in a shelter.when people get sick or bored with their pets,they just dump them.I don't think it works that way.having a pet is responsibility.a life is dependent upon you for survival.that life will need and love you.