What Air Safety?

December 3, 2009 5:04pm CST
I wonder if you will be traveling with this particular airline that is operating in Indonesia, but I just wouldn't especially after this shocking news article. It was reported that the aircraft was taxiing into position to begin its take off for Surabaya in east Java when the inexplicable happened. Some passengers who saw smoke spewing from from the right engine exhaust after the pilot had started up the engines, thought that the aircraft had caught fire and was going to explode. And before you know it, all hell broke loose the passengers panicked and head for the aircraft's emergency exit to force it open. Due to the forceful improper opening of the exit, the slides could not be deployed and the passengers actually jumped off the aircraft to the ground which was 15 feet below! Throughout the incident, there was never any mention of the flight crew, it was as if they were never present for duty on the flight - I mean if the crew was present, then how could the passengers panicked in the first place and then be able to force the emergency exit door open? How could there be a misunderstanding that led to panic if the crew was present to clear up and allay any misconstrued fears? After this, I am just going to stick to my preferred choice of airlines and Batavia Airlines is certainly never gonna be in my list here. Ref: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1232887/Panicked-air-passengers-force-open-emergency-doors-jump-plane-spying-smoke--engines-exhaust.html
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• United Kingdom
20 Oct 10
In the United Kingdom and similar countries air safety is an issue that is treated in a very important way. There are safety rules and checks made. This is not the case in some developing countries. I was reading about an airline called Cebu Pacific and it is not allowed to fly in Europe because our air aviation doesn't think it thinks highly enough about air safety. I am sorry to hear about the scary event on the plane in Indonesia. I don't wish to travel on Batavia Airlines. I prefer Virgin Atlantic and other top quality airlines.