Are you Over?....

December 3, 2009 11:27pm CST
Are you over with your ex?... I have been separated with my ex for 3 years and still i have the urge to feel that i miss him somehow... I was thinking about him that someday we'll be together again.. However my conscience stopping me because i'm already engaged with a person whose very loving and I just can't hurt him cos I know how it feels to be left.. My ex said he still loves me but what should I do can u help me?...
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@nman32 (5)
• India
5 Dec 09
Wait and see. if you are still missing your ex, you should go back to your ex.
• Philippines
4 Dec 09
well, i am still on the look out and even if those things happen to me. I would not bother much and instead focus my time to do some self searching and involves myself in worthy activities. I think their is no use in crying over spill milk. It is only a natural thig to have a feeling with your ex as you been together for a long time. But, i think it is unfair to go back with him if you are currently in a relationship and in case you have none then just follow what your mind and heart dictates.
@Drsunny21 (558)
• India
4 Dec 09
If you love your ex then why do u both over wth each other??And it has already passed 3 years...The main thing you knw wht,you doesnt go or talk wth your ex but somehow the person you are engaged wth will knw tht your ex is still in your mind..How will he feel??You can imagine tht...Just put yourself in his shoes and see how it feels??If you are not happy wth the presenting person then tell him frankly and tht its not working....Your making your life and also your ex and also the presenting person life complicated....So please dont do tht...Just select a way tht where you want to go.....Let`s reverse the situation...You loving tht person much ok...and he also loves you but someday somehow you know tht he is still missing her ex and loves her ex in his mind,how you will feel???I m telling not to you but to all tht please it hurts very much...Be clear in your relationship..If you love the one person then go and get it,fight any situation but dont do that from heart you love someone and in real you are living wth other....Please think and choose your way..Gud luck