weight loss success stories please!!!!!

December 4, 2009 1:51am CST
Ok I seriously need to lose weight and seems to have no willpower left to actually go go through the diet process AGAIN N AGAIN N AGAIN! I've manage to lose 60lbs this year in 4 months but then i gained bout 40lbs now in about 3 months aargh for those who bless with normal size you wouldnt know how hard it is to have the will power to start dieting again so i would reeeeeeeeeeaally appriciate it if you can share some of your weight loss succes stories and maybe share some "secrets" on how to kept it off
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@Norah0804 (165)
• China
4 Dec 09
Hi samm, i have the same problems like you. The winter is coming and i always eat snacks to keep warm and energy. I guess i would gain 10 pounds after the winter if i can't stop eating snacks.
• Indonesia
4 Dec 09
Oh we are in the same boat here Norah....sighs winter and all these holiday season coming eh? well snack has become my worst nightmare also but now i'm able to reduce it tho with carrots(yuckkk!). thanks for responding to my problem here Norah,i do know theres alot of people have this problem no a days and i know i'm not alone. i hope you WONT gain any 10 ponds!!cmone we can beat this season which full of nyummy cheese cakes,chocolates.cookies,roast beefs,etc (sighs ...do we have to?? lol ) hopefully from this discussion both you and me could get an inspiration that we do can fight it!! ( there's always hope right?) Have a great weekend Norah
@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
4 Dec 09
Many people have dramatically cut down their weights by using a fantastic product called GR2 Control. This product literally plays around with the receptors in your digestive tract and actually programmes you to learn to feel satiety on only a few portions of food. It contains glucomannan, which expands upto 50 times its weight in water along with five other natural sources of fiber, which fiber plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism by delaying gastric emptying and slowing carbohydrate release into the blood stream. GR2 therefore helps one to control glycemic response to foods and in the process, and the way the body uses and stores fats. Therefore, best products anybody with weight problems could explore to fight obesity without compromising one’s health are GR2 Control Appetite Reducer, GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shake, and GR2 Thermogenic Enhancer. They are GNLD products that can be expeditiously delivered to you on order. Committing oneself to a rigorous exercise regime could also help very significantly in cutting down weight. Watch what you eat and what quantities or even frequencies of those items on your diet. Fast foods my be convenient, but they are also largely responsible for the high incidences and prevalence of obesity in the world today. If you need more information on GNLD products, give me a PM.
• Indonesia
4 Dec 09
Thanks for responding Academic2! oh they got shakes?(nyumm)? i will find out more about GR2 and when i do have Question i'll pm you for sure :)
@BART78 (2932)
• Canada
4 Dec 09
hi sam! i think you are hardgainer person, hard for you to lose weight but easy to gain it, besides you diet of low carbs/calories and fats your body should have 70% lean muscle muscle 30% fat so you could maintain a good level of metabolic in your body...do simple weight lift training exercise, if you have flappy arms or abs concentrate on the part..for more info. check this site.. bodybuilding.com
• Indonesia
4 Dec 09
Hey bart ! i think i am a hard gainer.I didn't know i could do weight lifting exercise usually i just do the cardio calorie burning like running,skipping instead thanks for the info i would definitely check out bodybuilding.com have a great weekend :)
@akante (151)
• Latvia
6 Dec 09
Hi, Sam. One advice: at first start to think what you like to do the most: walking, dancing, aerobic. Then start to do something from that what you like every day or every 2end day not very long time. After some time you can do it longer. Remember, this process - loss weight - is not fast. If you will do slowly you loste kg don't come back!:) I lost 20kg in 6 months with bellydance.I like bellydance.And i didn't think about diet something like that. But i enjoyed bellydance with bellydance music!)))woow!!it was so great:) ANd if you do something what you like the most you didn't see how goes time and you lose weight slowly:) I like to do exercises at home with my favorite music. And it is good that you started to think about it now in winter time.Summer is far yet:) Good luck!!!