Is Boys Better then Girls????

December 4, 2009 2:09am CST
Hello Friends! From my school age i notic one majour difference between friendship of boys and girls.. IN maximum case ,Boys prove themself them as better then girls in friendship/love. I agree girls have so many ristrictions , boundaries, responsibilties which are not easy for them to cross, so why they make friends/boysfriends/lovers if this not possible for them to fulfill their promise/relation. at start thy make friends/bf/lover with pleasure but when time come to prove their guts towards relation they use all her restricions,boundaries etc as excuse to break their promise and others heart. Why??? Is it is Good ? are you think they done good? they has right to make promise and break promise? in case of boys though they dont become serious easily for any relation but if they , they wil do or die for the sake of their relation ( either they are simple friend or lover of someone}. They seems always ready for do any thing for their friendship/love . I am right Boys??? friends tell please me what i feel difeerence between friendship of bOys/girls is its right or my individual thought? share your opinion about this topic thanks !
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• Philippines
5 Dec 09
I do agree on this as i myself is more comfortable in having a boy friends as they are so simple and easy to get along which is highly difference in having a girls friends their is a tendency for jealousy and competition especially when everyone is eyeing a potential good looking guys. I hate to admit but it is true as it happen to me most of the times the girl friends of mine becomes so obsessive that anything good that happen to me they get jealous easily and seem nice to me up front conversation but likely to back stab at me. Some girls are so insecure that they like to show off that they are better than me and would do any nasty remarks just to make me fall which is very intimidating causes of insecurities. Girls sometimes have fake feelings as they are great pretenders though i a a gal i rarely trust girl friends and i prefer to have few friends than many who are all superficial always end up sometimes like a traitor only wanting to please themselves and never ever have the intention to show concern on my part as they are definitely selfish most of the time focus on their own self benefits.
• India
5 Dec 09
i wonder how girl could do all this as they are considerd as innocent, soft heart, sensiable etc etc as compaire to Boys. how it is possible. well thanks a lot Neel to give me response all the best Have a wounderful day